Meditation is a powerful tool to clear the mind and help reduce stress, anxiety, and medical problems.

Much of human suffering is caused by habitual thinking - the things we think over and over, like a broken record. Many believe, “If I can only make the world a little more to my liking, everything would be just fine”. But, the only person we have the power to change, is our Self.

If we want to change the outside world, we must first change the inside world. We must change how we think and react to what happens to us and around us. We must learn the noble art of acceptance, surrender and patience. We must learn to let go and to pause our thinking for a little while.

This is where real healing begins.



meditation class

Meditation involves intense awareness in the present moment by turning inward, concentration, and contemplation.

Unni offers a variety of meditation techniques that may lead to freedom of thought, such as  Yoga Nidra, Centering, Pranayama, Visualization, Sound, Mantra, Chakra, Walking, and Mindfulness meditation.

No previous experience required. Wear loose clothing and bring a cushion or pillow to sit on.